Red Rock Crossing – Crescent Moon Ranch Recreation Area




Red Rock Crossing – Crescent Moon Ranch Recreation Area. Known to locals as Red Rock Crossing, and home to one of the most iconic red rock formations in Sedona, Cathedral Rock, this federal recreation area boasts the “trifecta” of wedding sites: green trees and grass for much of the year, the year-round running water of Oak Creek, and up close and personal red rocks. Be aware that as a “finished park” and designated Forest Service area, there may be people around, sometimes quite a few on the weekend – always respectful of our weddings, though. Fees apply – see booking form for additional information.

The main areas for wedding ceremonies are:

“The Point” at Red Rock Crossing is a huge red rock area near Oak Creek. With an 8-minute walk back from parking on a dirt and sand path, that puts you right under Cathedral Rock and close to the water. Note: Depending on the time of year, the trees in this area can have a very green, lush look, a fall look with the leaves changing, or a branchy stark look in winter when the leaves have fallen from the trees. The trees usually start greening around mid-April. It even snows in Sedona on occasion!

“Easy Access Area” at Red Rock Crossing is an open meadow-like area just a minute from parking, with Cathedral Rock still as your backdrop. It is the most accessible site if you have older or disabled guests, or if you don’t care to worry about your dress getting dirty as much. Note: Depending on the time of year, this area might be covered with green grass, dried grass, or mostly dirt. Trees can be as described above, depending on the time of year.

We suggest that you and your guests wear appropriate shoes to get to the ceremony site, and then you can change into your dress shoes for pictures.