Weather Backup Locations

A weather backup location is required for all Budget Sedona Weddings bookings.

The options at Sedona Creative Life Center, if available, are reserved as a “soft hold,” in that, you will not need to pay for it unless it is needed on the day of your wedding.

The Covered Pavilion option at Red Rock Crossing must be paid for in order to book, a fee of $160.00. 10 parking spaces are included. If you select this option for your weather backup, and your ceremony location is also at Red Rock Crossing, then the $60.00 reservation fee is waived.

Covered Picnic Ramada at Crescent Moon Ranch RecreationArea/Red Rock Crossing

Peace Garden Gazebo at The Sedona Creative Life Center

Sedona Room at The Sedona Creative Life Center

Chapel at The Sedona Creative Life Center

Rooftop View From The Sedona Creative Life Center